Monday, November 19, 2012

In Haifa they are eating falafel, and in Tel Aviv they are living in shelters

Life here is trooping on as normal. I took a kid to the doctor this morning, stopped at the grocery for milk and clementines, and am now ignoring all the cleaning I have to do to prepare for the women's rosh hodesh group that is meeting her tonight. All rather benign. The only difference is I am crazy about checking the news  on my cellphone.
I check it everywhere! I am more worried about what is going on in Tel Aviv and Rehovot (I have friends in Rehovot and the husband is working in Tel Aviv). So far, thank G-d, no missiles have gotten through the Iron Dome and attacked Tel Aviv. Still I worry. It is not like the husband is going to call and say "hey! I'm safe in the shelter!" because 1. I doubt he gets reception in a reinforced room, and 2. he knows I would probably have a heart attack right there.
I have changed some other parts of my life around, I had planned to go to Tel Aviv to shop at Ikea for a few things, now I think I will wait, or hit the one somewhere else. I had also wanted to take the kids to Jerusalem for a surprise, but I am too worried about a missile being directed in our direction so I just cancelled.
I am sure things will return to normal. A new normal, but normal. So far everyone talks about this "matzav" (situation). But this to shall pass. I hope.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Passed my driver's test

Now it is off to Haifa to the DMV and then to the post office. They mail you your driver's license within the month. I figure this whole process has cost me about $250. But at least I have the license! Now to get a car!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

tel aviv

My husband is off to work in Tel Aviv in the morning. I expect to lose 5 lbs of worry weight. Oy vey.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

There is a conflict brewing

I spent all of yesterday running errands and watching the "conflict" with Hamas on the television. Which is odd because I do not own a t.v. But it was on the television everywhere I went. The dentist, the dry cleaner, the SuperSol, and the toy shop. Everyone was watching the missiles go back and forth. I got so fed up by the time I reached the toy shop, I asked the lady at the cash register how come everyone was watching this on television. She smiled at me and merely said "You get used to it, this is life."
I will say that most Israelis view America as a crime ridden place. The things that are exported here are mostly crime shows and Israelis think that Americans live in constant fear of being mugged or murdered. I am from the midwest. There was not a lot of "mugged" and "murdered" that happened where I was from.
So yesterday as I was waiting for my husband to get off work in Tel Aviv and trek north, I caught the news and saw that there had been a siren that went off in Tel Aviv and an explosion in the fields outside of Rishon LeTzion. My husband's office is nowhere near Rishon LeTzion, but I did what most Israelis do, I texted him and made sure he was fine. He was well ensconced on the train and on his way home. He hadn't even heard the siren.
Yesterday I got a barrage of phone calls from family ensuring that we were safe. My go to line was clearly "I have never been so happy to live near Lebanon in my life". But it is really just a two-bit line. We are safe. Unless they have bigger missiles hidden somewhere, I really don't think anything launched out of Gaza can reach us up here. But that remains to be seen.
I hope this all resolves itself by the time Sunday comes and the husband has to go back to work in Tel Aviv. I really have no desire to be sitting on pins and needles all week long as I wait for him to get back. Until then, life goes on. I'm off to the store. We are out of eggs and pasta. Laundry needs to be hung. Diapers changed.

Happy Birthday to me!

I am off to end a 6 month process of trying to get a permanent crown put on my tooth. The good news in the total co-pay was only 250 dollars here in Israel. The bad news is, I gotta get the crown put in on my birthday. Icky. Maybe I'll treat myself to an ice coffee slushie afterwards.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

45 minutes into the store

I needed some self rising flour a few days ago. It meant a trip to the grocery store. When I got there, there was a long line outside. Weird, there is never a line. So I waited. And waited. And after fie minutes, peaked my head around to find the guard checking everyone's bag thoroughly. Weird. The guard rarely does that. I mean, big bags, yes, but not every single bag. Fine. I stood. And 45 minutes later when I got into the store, I asked what was going on. Terrorist threat, the guard very nonchalantly told me. It happens all the time, he added and waved me through.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Svetlana tries to kill me

Svetlana and I apparently have not agreed yet that in trying to kill me, she will lose me as a client. Yesterday brought Svetlana and two large duffels to my house. She donned one, and thrust the other at me. "We run!" She announced and pranced off. So, I "ran" (more fast shuffle walk?" with what felt like 80 pound son my back behind Svetlana who was prattling on her cellphone the whole time. And then Svetlana did a very MEAN thing. She took the stairs instead of going the long way on the path around the mountain, she went UP. Up is just wrong. They we went up about 13 flights and delivered the duffels to her brother. Still clueless what was inside. I am guessing weights. Or potatoes. Or rocks. Something like that.
And then we did lunges with kettlebells down the mountain. Yea, still hate those.