Monday, November 19, 2012

In Haifa they are eating falafel, and in Tel Aviv they are living in shelters

Life here is trooping on as normal. I took a kid to the doctor this morning, stopped at the grocery for milk and clementines, and am now ignoring all the cleaning I have to do to prepare for the women's rosh hodesh group that is meeting her tonight. All rather benign. The only difference is I am crazy about checking the news  on my cellphone.
I check it everywhere! I am more worried about what is going on in Tel Aviv and Rehovot (I have friends in Rehovot and the husband is working in Tel Aviv). So far, thank G-d, no missiles have gotten through the Iron Dome and attacked Tel Aviv. Still I worry. It is not like the husband is going to call and say "hey! I'm safe in the shelter!" because 1. I doubt he gets reception in a reinforced room, and 2. he knows I would probably have a heart attack right there.
I have changed some other parts of my life around, I had planned to go to Tel Aviv to shop at Ikea for a few things, now I think I will wait, or hit the one somewhere else. I had also wanted to take the kids to Jerusalem for a surprise, but I am too worried about a missile being directed in our direction so I just cancelled.
I am sure things will return to normal. A new normal, but normal. So far everyone talks about this "matzav" (situation). But this to shall pass. I hope.

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